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How To Use A Native American Smudging Fan

Smudging fans are known for their ornate decorative look. They are constructed of a band of perfectly matched feathers. These fans are used in important rituals by Native Americans as well as those who have adopted the Indian culture.
The impeccable look and decorative smudging fans are certainly highly sought after pieces because of their connection with nature. But for the Native American tribes, these fans have a very important purpose in their culture. Smudging is an art. This is a procedure that uses herbs. The herbs of choice such as sweet grass, sage and cedar are burned in smudging. People or objects that require blessing as well as healing are the recipients of the smoke from the burning process.
The Native American smudging fan is the item used to do this ceremony or ritual. It is said that the negative forces and influences are dispelled whenever something is smoked and it also brings prayers up to the Mighty Creator. The whole process of smudging purifies the soul, the object or even a dwelling.
Another exciting element of the Native American smudging fan is the decorative look of the fan itself. Made with beautiful trimmed feathers, the handles can be made with in a variety of styles and designs including adornment such as beadwork, leather, fur collars, fringes and crystals. The enchanting decorative effect of the smudging fan is extremely creative and you can use it as home dcor. It will certainly attract attention.
Many impeccable pieces are the result of the spirituality of Native Americans; things that are abundant in nature and things that are rare, ornate and decorative. These decorations, together with fine craftsmanship, make the Native American smudging fan an extremely popular piece to people who want to experience Native American culture through their artifacts.
Many believe the Native American smudging fan will give both healing and purifying results. Burned spices feel very symbolic and natural offering an enlightening effect. More than anything else, these are artifacts of the proud and rich cultural aspects of the Native Americans and their legacy. Wth the creation of these one of a kind and decorative smudging fans, it continues.
There is nothing more purifying and enriching than taking part of a cultural experience and by marveling at the rustic beauty of these Native made fans.

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